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  1. Good trip boys,sick loot for bray tho holy shit
  2. Hi guys, my name is waltory or in real life mathias but you can call me whateverthefuck you want i don't mind. Im a real belgian slave and with that i rly mean i am a slave If interested i am willing to do a lot of chores on rs like training skills/sort banks/get void/get fighter torso or fire cape on a main so to make this short when i used to be in tuf i would sell services to those wanting to use them u can make any request i train skills do clues or quest LEGIT ANYTHING u find boring or u hate in rs (even farming bosses like zulrah and such for uI) i know there is no way yet to confirm my legitimacy but u can ask some of the ex tuf members they can assure u i have never taken a single thing from someone ever since i have been providing these services to someone (i used to provide these services for all the tuf members) also i love art/drawing so if u need a signature or just something cool to decorate you're account with be sure to PM me (ITS FREE) i will start these services once i fully become a member so gl to me i geuss also these services are only for members Have a good day/evening/morning/night/noon/midday/... Bless yall xxx Waltory the crazy belgian foreigner
  3. anyone who can invite me to the discord lads? <3 ( my discord tag is Waltory#9472)
  4. sick sick can't wait to pk with you guys
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