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  1. Hell ye no Rot+Sv = no Ct BACK TO MINECRAFT RETARDS
  2. Karate clearly couldnt handle the heat and ended up choking mid fight with Pr, Thanks to Murky and Emiya for stepping up and saving us from getting cleared off the map.
  3. Tbf its probably just reflex, i did the same thing a few times too
  4. Good vid Pran thanks for making it, one day you will make a fine leader of CL alongside Gayge and Peanutbrain Karate. I Believe
  5. 75def/atk med level for scouting/luring/boltragging is good idea imo
  6. Oddcloth

    Another One

    Big poopers
  7. Rot getting humiliated in every timezone
  8. Quick 10m tax on some retards, Ty
  9. How are you a rank in the "#1 p2p clan" and lose +1s every time you step in the wilderness, Legit braindead.
  10. Yuzla and his boyfriends smoked for Claws + Ags lmao
  11. 40 strong Roos beating down on some Rot and Sv downies, Gj
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