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  1. Heavy

    ty ct

    make em bleed
  2. thats semi a kebab at this point ... good shit koala fuckers
  3. holllaaa cityy of scwollaaaa
  4. Buying more rubber please . Daddy rot came to save there lil peasants . The clock is ticking
  5. That vid is of christy when she saw my bald head and dick size. Ez clear pussy bitch nice shit
  6. yacked dies ct dies
  7. All that gp i put my life hayden was frothing good stuff Split i tbed gimmie some i found em gimmmie some i froze gimmie some i smited
  8. good shit boys got to feed my kids like usual
  9. Yacked and inori were poking each other during that fight complaining and arguing .while christy yelled down that mic making her minions suicide till rotsnd pd show upto join the party Free money free smoke aest belongs to us
  10. easy fucken money all day and night any timezone
  11. Looting bag made me rich
  12. free money all day and night
  13. He doesnt know the kings of rag 2 riches i will feast on him