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  1. So one sided with even numbers it's not funny.
  2. We're out for hours unchallenged, mhmmmm
  3. Why the fuck is this in aftermaths, what the fuck lmao
  4. Double our members, calling another clan to snipe and it still takes 1.5h to clear us? lol
  5. Yo Ethan why you having a brown out dude.
  6. 150 members and they avoid us?
  7. Yeah good fight
  8. Yo I got a team @ RDG boys
  9. How does a clan with 130 members struggle to clean a clan with less than 50 people? Furthermore when they have another clan assisting them. God bless.
  10. Imagine two combine clans, of over 250+ members struggling to clear a mid-sized aussie team 



    1. Bullys


      basically in a nut-shell lmfao

  11. Such an easy fight lmao, I'd be embarrassed af if I was in CT after that performance.