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  1. I heard ct got dismantled again.. Not surprised even tho dk outperforms that gross virgin anime clan
  2. ouch ct got the treatment
  3. Today we gathered lethal pack of kangaroos together and went out taking ct's untradeables. Retards got gwassed after they maced a ags, we quickly killed the guy who got loot afterwards we managed to snipe ags off the ground (YIKES) At the end some retards returned only to die to us, eventually they were left to mace with rune defenders Below you will see pictures of this feast. Joog found christys irl https://g.redditmedia.com/0nRzufwJ3Kc1rfICu_d6KAcpyEe_sbVDjPWDN-KTp1g.gif?fm=mp4&mp4-fragmented=false&s=37f9062f2a59091b6b134b36e1629782
  4. Ct is legit the worst performing clan out there, they probably dont even call at all just do 1v1's in fights and suicide tank l0l Mby should stop letting clueless people in <----- Witnessed this soooooo many times Gf mergethroat
  5. suicide squad tryed us and left ng with 40m less money ea suicider