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  1. Hey boys firstly I wanna apologise to you all for what I did a few months ago.For those of you that don't know I did leave CL to join CT .. I was considering doing it for awhile and when Joog buff and myself had an misunderstanding with a few other CL guys and decided to leave I thought it was a good time to try and join CT. It was not what you all thought tho, I joined CT to spy for CL, Rev. I don't know why I did it... obviously was doing it to make a buck but thought it would be a crack up and i wanted to stir up a bit of shit i guess. It wasn't worth it because Rev are pussy clans that barely did fuck all to CT while I was in there and it was causing to much drama and shit between me, karate and acouple of other CL boys. Which is why I left CT 2 months ago as I didn't wanna ruin my friendship with karate and a few other boys in CL. In saying that I have spoke to Karate recently and want to come back home to CL and help you men, I know some of you are obviously pissed off at me but its fair enough you's thought I dogged you's to join CT but it wasn't the case. I've had a break from rs and now I just wanna be low key and come pk acouple of times a week as i'm pretty busy irl atm. I'm not going to be involved in any drama n crap like before. idgaf about CT and its going to be awkward as fuck when they see this because they still don't know I was in there spying on them the dummies LOL. I did stay on good terms with CT until now because I was considering going back there to spy again but I seriously can not be fucked with that shit anymore i'd much rather come help you boys as much as I can.
  2. i dont give a fuck if u wanna be here, joog just instigating beef 4 no reason.