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  1. Way too easy, expect nothing less
  2. Lmfao niggas gonna need another 2 weeks break after that one
  3. Good shit, where’s ct lmfao
  4. Bray

    monday looty

    is that a pic of potent? gz
  5. 2 man clan apparently gg
  6. good scrap with fools, was actually more fun fighting them then the same 5 ct members over and over stay easy ct
  7. Bray

    big looty

    bank was made
  8. standard 15 loot kills from mee lmfao stay easy clan world
  9. beastly night gratz was fun
  10. lmfao dumbest clan giving them the treatment
  11. so easy if we had double our ML / Pull they would tap out for sure