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  4. Ngl actually a decent item for pking, nice
  5. Zerks are kinda outdated, meds are great. If you wanted to be a snowflake you could be a 75/73 ranged tank though, it could work. Greater access to a larger bracket without compromising tankiness.
  6. 60 att med, OR 75 attack.. definitely the most fun acc to play on
  7. Good work. That Sparky guy could have at least tried to get prot item back on in that first clip. He just goes "uhh I lost claws" and sits there idling.
  8. Wtf Bomb

    Another One

    Nice work. Good job guys
  9. I think I mightve seen one once or twice
  10. 75def/atk med level for scouting/luring/boltragging is good idea imo
  11. 75atk med, and use it for scouting during trips
  12. Fumblers

    Another One

    Pran MLG vidya recorda
  13. master race gets boring so youll be 75att in no time
  14. Creme

    Another One

    big pranati prods
  15. I made this account a looooooong time ago and splashed on it before the changes came out re: 20 minute logout. It has: Mith gloves, HFD, Mage arena and a couple other usual quests. I have no idea what to do with it. Zerker? Suggestions?
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