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  3. teegs really is the best caller oce
  4. making pizza by day, snapping necks by night
  5. Great pull, solid effort to everyone that came along.
  6. maced for acb how unaware can you be l0000000000000000000l
  7. A U S T E E G S Nothing hotter than a chick who pk's and leads 30 other simps
  8. ACB Mace - https://gyazo.com/f853886908b1537c61af11f57eb75601 Since no one wrote a recap, cause you'll lazy fucks and greened out after 10pm. Part 1: Had a 30 minute clean as fuck fight vs BH, we ended up pulling 40 something and cut to match BHs pull. Teags was calling for a straight 30 minutes and almost cleared us due to all the simps in CL fanboying, but we secured the W in the end. Part 2: Cleared the caves with the boys, maced a couple of CPK ranks for +1s (unlucky), then proceeded to close the caves all night, again... Mod Ash won't save you. Pictures in no order below,
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